Unique Marketing

This innovative method of outdoor advertising is very unique and rare especially in Canada. As a result this type of vehicle will catch the eye of anyone in the vicinity of the ad due to its novelty. Imagine movie Theater quality video displaying your brand and service on the busiest streets of Toronto.

ADS ON THE ROAD trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art sound and HD digital video technology which far exceeds any other form of print advertising in the mobile marketplace. This allows branding/advertisement capabilities never before available in outdoor media.

Other forms of traditional outdoor signage, viewers only see them for a few seconds. Unlike our mobile trucks, with your brand being displayed on our digital LED screens will hold the viewer’s attention for a longer time therefore being more memorable and 97% more effective than other mediums.

For the first time, your business can harness the power of LED outdoor video advertising in a totally new and revolutionary way –movement, sound and action on the street.

Maximising sales leads and impulse buying – the ability to take your message directly to your target market at the precise moment the customers are open to your suggestion makes LED mobile media an extremely unique and effective sales tool.

Effective Marketing

ADS ON THE ROAD Trucks are IMPOSSIBLE to miss and seldom ignored. The ability to impact viewers and customers is increased by the use of full motion and colour videos.

  • It’s where people are, at their eye level and easy to view from almost any angle.
  • It’s new and people eyes is not used to it and it catches every eye.
  • It’s the future of outdoor advertising.

Impossible to miss and seldom ignored. Attract more attention with pictures, videos, slideshows, graphic animation and more.

Equipped with sound and digital video technology that allows for branding and advertising capabilities never before seen in outdoor media.

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