Mobile Marketing

Ads On The Road trucks have the unique ability to be moved around the city. This mobility enables the digital ad to be placed in strategic locations that will generate the most interest. In addition a moving ad can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people a day. Our truck drives daily around the city or is parked on key locations where it will reach thousands of viewers.

Targeted Marketing

Mobility empowers ADS ON THE ROAD to deliver ads that are precision targeted to specific locations. We bring your message within close proximity to your customer. We can deliver your brand and services to busiest streets, Sporting Events, Trade Shows, Live Concerts, Nightlife & Entertainment Districts. We can go to areas that don’t allow or have availability for permanent billboards.

Take your Brand and Message to the hottest spots in the city and to your targeted customers.

Unique ability to be moved around the city and parked in strategic locations to reach thousands of viewers.

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