Cost Efficient

Mobile LED digital advertising is quite inexpensive given the hundreds of thousands of people they can reach daily with this rate of effectiveness and recall of person. On average our advertising service is 75% cheaper than other forms of advertising like TV, radio, static billboards, magazines, etc.

With Ads On The Road you pay for a certain amount of spots per month, as opposed to billboard or print advertising where you have to commit to entire terms.

Almost every business with every budget can afford this advertising and get perfect results.

There are no print or installation fees, we work with digital files that can be easily edited or changed at your preference.


When you advertise on billboards, magazines, or any other kind of print ad there’s no scope for changing your mind halfway through your advertising cycle. Once the print is on the paper you’re tied to your concept. That’s not the case with LED Advertising Solutions, if your ad fails to make the cash registers ring, it’s a simple matter to make the changes you need, re-design the artwork and try again.

With no print or installation fees, Mobile LED advertising is the lowest cost-per-impression of all outdoor media.

Prices are start as low as 10¢ per second. We have special packages for small businesses, starting from $450 per month.

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